Ok you guys country bars aren’t so bad

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  2. don’t you dare tell me this isn’t an acceptable dinner for an adult

  3. Jenny Slate for Refinery29, photographed by Atisha Paulson

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    Ray Holt is better than you.

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    Look who is on the cover of our summer issue! Tagg Magazine talks to Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard about People’s Couch and more.

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  9. "I will not tolerate not being heard as a result of excess testosterone."
    — Gillian Anderson (via mulders)

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    this should be published in a book of poetry

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  11. my night. #thankskitchener (at Kichener)


  13. "I got a taste of something I had never known — shopping in the men’s department afforded my body the opportunity to take up the amount of space it actually takes up. Masculine people are afforded the privilege of space. Feminine people aren’t. Feminine people are supposed to be so small that they disappear. That they maybe make themselves disappear in that quest for lightness, for smallness, for compactness. Like flowers being pressed until they’re flat. Not all feminine people do it, but I think most of them feel the pressure."
    — Ali, via The Disappearing Act: Fighting Disordered Eating as a Masculine-of-Center Woman

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    “A society manufactures the heroes it requires.”
    ― Colson Whitehead,
    Zone One

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