3. beatonna:

    when you are going to be an aunt, the babies are everywhere and they are real 

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  4. "Dennis Rodman, Dolly Parton, Prince Rogers Nelson are my role models. Mariah Carey, Fiona Apple, and Celine Dion for a time, fit this role for me. In some sense they are all divas who embrace their importance while highlighting their own absurdities, reveling in the artifice of their successes while always creating, exploring, demanding more from a world that so often tells us we deserve nothing"
    — And this is the part of “The Radical Possibilities of Being Human: A Survival Guide for Liminal Feminists” where I started crying. (via mollitudo)

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  5. Shane nailing it on Twitter, as usual

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  7. These fools are already the cutest family! Truly can’t wait to meet Baby M! #overlyenthusiasticfutureauntie

  8. I call this one “fancy queer hosts a baby shower/struggles to take a selfie”

  9. thebsdboys:

    OK first you’re being a total dick right now,

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  10. september in petrolia means the annual scarecrow festival. aka terrifying death dummies hanging from every post in town (at Coffee Lodge)

  13. faehui:

    This is the highlight of my year.

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  14. football is back. so are nachos.